The Bride's Guide to using Pinterest

Most brides, as well as brides to be, have spent hours on Pinterest creating custom story boards of their dream wedding. For brides who already have the ring, Pinterest becomes not just a leisurely activity, but instead a valuable tool for helping to create a memorable event. Brides spend many evenings pinning away hundreds of pics that they like. While nothing is wrong with this pinning enthusiasm, often brides fall into the trap of not using Pinterest effectively. Pure Luxe Bride uses Pinterest regularly to inspire brides and to showcase past Luxe weddings. Most importantly, Pure Luxe Bride creates secret boards with clients in order to convey different ideas, themes, and concepts. Our regular use of Pinterest, as well as other related marketing tools, has equipped us with the knowledge to identify some important tips for brides using Pinterest. These tips will help brides to effectively show their wedding planner and other vendors what it is that she would like to visually create for her wedding day. By incorporating these tips into their Pinterest activities, brides will find Pinterest a much more valuable form of communication.

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Take advantage of the Secret Boards option! 

Secret boards allow for brides to pin items to a board that is private and not visible to the public. That board can only be seen by individuals that the bride invites to see and be a member of that board, via email. A great option for tech savvy brides is to create a wedding registry via Pinterest! Brides can pin the items that they like to these secret boards. Through a save the date, or another source, the bride can inform her wedding guests of the secret Pinterest board, asking them to be a member and to view the selection of items in the registry. Then, guests can like the item, or comment “taken”, to identify that the item has been purchased for the couple. What a unique way to create a registry!

Creating secret Pinterest boards is also a great idea for the process of selecting a bridesmaid dress. Most brides know how difficult it to choose a dress that fits the theme that she has in mind but, that is also appealing to the bridesmaids taste. Communicating with the bride through secret boards is a great option for bridesmaids living in other states or far away. The bride can pin dress options to the secret board, and then add the bridesmaids as members to the board. Bridesmaids can then comment on the pictures that are pinned, saying what they like and do not like about the dress. This communication tool can help the bride to see get other opinions, as well as to see what is appealing to her friends.


When using Pinterest, and especially when using secret boards on Pinterest, communication is key! Brides should use Pinterest as a source of communication with their wedding planner and vendors. Pure Luxe Bride understands how important Pinterest can be; therefore, we create secret Pinterest boards with brides. By pinning wedding ideas, bouquets, decor, and other inspirational ideas for the bride, she is able to select items and ideas that she would like to incorporate into her big day. In order for Pinterest to be used effectively between brides and their wedding planner, communication must take place. Communicating to Pure Luxe Bride within these boards, by commenting on the picture, is important. In the comment box below each pin, brides should write what it is she does and does not like about the picture. Although you may go into detail if you wish, just a simple phrase characterizing what object you do not like and why is sufficient. More and more vendors are choosing to create secret Pinterest boards with their clients. As a bride, if your vendors are choosing to pin to a secret Pinterest board for you, then the same style of communication that we have suggested should take place. Pure Luxe Bride, as well as vendors, will know exactly what it is that the bride is visually striving for by reading these comments and taking them into consideration.

 Be Realistic! 

Many wedding related pictures floating around on Pinterest are elaborate, showing ‘over the top’ table arrangements that come with a big price tag. Although these arrangements are gorgeous, brides should be realistic when looking at such images. These images most likely came from style shoots, where the entire concept behind the design is to create something big, over the top, and that catches people's attention. Therefore, many of these images do not reflect a real wedding that has occurred. Instead, the images are designed for brides to gather inspiration from.

In order to avoid blowing your budget, brides should focus on taking individual concepts and ideas from these images. Brides can gather inspiration from anything such as the table linens, lighting, silverware, or even chairs that are featured in the shoot. By commenting on the pin exactly what it is that you prefer about these style shoot images, your wedding planner will be able to take those ideas and incorporate them into your wedding. This realistic approach will help you not to become overwhelmed trying to recreate elaborate visuals. Instead, it will allow you to pin point exactly what it is about these images that you like and would like to incorporate into your wedding day.

Additional Pinning Tips: 

  • Create boards that are very specific and that are centered around a certain theme. For example, have individual boards for bouquets, wedding favors, and catering.
  • Try to follow a lot of people. By doing this, you will receive more inspiration from a variety of sources. Following a variety of industry leaders, such as The Knot, Southern Living, etc., will help you to see a ton of different ideas that are popular. Also, be sure to follow your favorite wedding planner, Pure Luxe Bride, we constantly pin to inspire brides!
  • Look at real wedding boards. At Pure Luxe Bride, we often create boards of past weddings we have created. By looking at these boards, brides can ensure that they are looking at real weddings that have occurred, as apposed to style shoots. Looking at these real wedding boards will help brides to see ideas and concepts in action. Luxe Brides should definitely check out our real wedding boards so that they can see what ideas, concepts, and visuals were created and works for their specific venue.

For Brides looking for wedspiration via Pinterest, check out our fabulous Pure Luxe Bride Pinterest boards! We have tons of ideas to inspire brides with unique bouquets, catering, DIY wedding crafts, stationary, photography ideas, and much more.