The Realistic Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest...we all love it, but do we know how to use it? Whether we are pinning on our computer, our iPad, or even our phone, the addiction of ‘pinning’ has become an obsession in the wedding industry. In fact, the usage of Pinterest has transformed the wedding industry in terms of decor and inspiration. It can be such an advantage for the Pure Luxe Bride who knows how to use it properly! Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of tips to help our brides be realistic when pinning to their wedding boards! Cassady Clayton and Joe Hild's wedding at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston SC. Wedding photographer Charleston SC, modern vintage photography, amelia + dan, 843.801.2790,

DIY Overload: First things first, remember that Pinterest should be used as a source of inspiration for your wedding day. You do not have to copy every DIY craft, bouquet, or table arrangement that you come across. We suggest that you incorporate different elements that you find on Pinterest, along with your own taste and preferences, in order to transform that idea into something that is unique and original to you and your groom. Originality is key into making your wedding day personal. Often on Pinterest, ideas can become way too repetitive and show up at every wedding that season.  No wonder we see everyone with swizzle stick straws sticking out of mason jars. Take ideas you find on Pinterest and transform them into something of your own.


Also, don’t let beautiful tablescapes and glamorous shots of venues be misleading. Many of the elaborate decorations you find on Pinterest come from wedding styled shoots and are not from an actual wedding. These shots are designed to serve as a vision for the wedding industry. These shots are also very expensive, and hardly in budget. Therefore, take these styled shoots for what they are...inspiration! Whether it is a color scheme, bouquet, or flatware arrangements, there is inspiration to be gathered from these amazing shoots.

If you are the bride who is looking for craft inspiration, then we have some advice for you. As you know, Pinterest is overflowing with DIY ideas for your wedding day. We do not blame brides for loving a good DIY craft. However, it is important for brides to remember that crafts do not always turn out as planned. Therefore, no bride should spend the months leading up to her wedding day pouring all of her time and energy into tons of DIY crafts. Before Pinterest, it was not normal for brides to do absolutely everything themselves. Taking that into consideration, brides should rely on their vendors and the services they offer, as well as their wedding planning team. At Pure Luxe Bride, we offer in-house design services, which are sure to make your wedding day look gorgeous! With the help of these fabulous sources, brides can have a beautiful visual concept for their big day, without all of the glue guns and glitter.


Lastly, don’t be naive. You cannot believe everything you see on Pinterest. Keep in mind that it is a great tool and reference for inspiration. Some things may not be accurate, and often can be misleading. Therefore, use Pinterest wisely and be realistic about what you see.  Take advantage of the ability to organize different inspiration boards. Use Pinterest as a guide to come up with ideas and make up your own to make your wedding day YOURS

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