Wedded Bliss Tip:Registry Must Haves

Most brides feel overwhelmed during the registry process. What do I add? What do I need? Is it too expensive? All questions running through while you have the scanner in hand. While everyone's taste and style differs there are some things that are a must have on the list. Here's my top 5 must add items (I can openly admit, some of these I had on my list, others I've since purchased on my own because I didn't think I "needed" them). We've been married for almost 4 years now so we've got an inside scoop!

1. The Classic Kitchen Aid Mixer. While you may not be a chef but you'll be a domestic goddess with one of these. Think Christmas cookies, and summer ice cream. It's expensive, but well worth adding to the list. They last forever and will come in handy when you least expect it.

2. Hand Blender with Chopping Attachment. This is one of those things that I never thought I would need or use. My Mother told me to add it, and boy am I glad I did. Perfect for soups and dressings and the attachment is like a mini chop for when you make salsa and sauces. Saves time and dicing!

3. Roomba. This is one of my more recent impulse purchases. I wish I would have had it on my registry. Sick of cleaning those little furbaby hairs off of your hardwood floors? Roomba is your new BFF. I am obsessed (while Miss Ginger and Miss Paris are terrified of it). Consider it your personal maid. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

4. Casual China. I'm an entertainer. We love having guests, but I didn't want formal china. Too difficult to clean, and really expensive. Not to mention I'm sure I have some coming down the line through family and I'd rather have that since it has more meaning. Instead, I opted for casual china. Nicer than everyday, but not as formal as the Kate Spade pattern I originally had my eye on.

5. The Spice Rack. Probably the most stereotypical registry item out there. I laughed as I added it, but again Mother said it was a must. I can honestly say I use it daily. Laugh now, but you'll be happy later.