Wedding Bliss: Top 5 Tips for Rain On Your Wedding Day

Create Your Own-2 In the weeks leading up to your special day, it's easy to turn into a meteorologist - watching the storm that may or may not hit the coast or constantly checking the temperature. Even if you're not worried about it, maybe your mom is, or that one bridesmaid won't stop notifying you every time she receives a weather update. Our best advice? Don't worry about it! There's nothing you or anyone else can do to control the weather; your special day, when you get to marry the man of your dreams, will happen - rain or shine! Keep reading below for our top five tips for rain on your wedding day!


1. Don't Panic

You may have known the rain was coming, or it could be a freak Charleston downpour that will only last 30 minutes. No matter the circumstance, don't panic! Your discomfort will be apparent in each and every photograph.  You look beautiful, you're about to marry your best friend and you're surrounded by your closest family and friends. A little rain can't stop you from enjoying this very special day.

2. Find Ways to Work Around It

The only thing you can do in this situation is be flexible. Maybe you'll have to do a first look because it will be storming after the ceremony, or you may have to spend a few extra minutes taking photos during cocktail hour because you couldn't do that first look. No big deal, right?! If you've known about the rain for quite some time, invest in some cute umbrellas or rain boots for your bridal party. Find ways to work around the rain and don't let it ruin your photos! You won't regret it if you try!


 3. Trust Your Photographer

We can't say this enough - trust your photographer! They are professionals and they know what they are doing, rain and shine! Discuss a rain plan with your photographer beforehand and ask what they typically do on rain days. A bride and groom can find comfort in the fact that there is a plan no matter what. Discuss some photograph ideas with them that you can only do in the sun, and come up with some creative ideas for pictures you can only take in the rain! A lot of photographers will even tell you that your pictures will turn out better when it's rainy or hazy out.

4. Let Us Come Up With Your Plan B and Trust Us On It

You have to trust us too! Discuss your weather concerns with us ahead of time and we will walk you through a step-by-step plan for what we do if it happens to rain on your special day. If we have to put a tent on a rain-hold, we will. If we have to have side-panels for the tent due to wind, we'll make it happen. We are here to make your day as perfect as possible! We want all of our Pure Luxe couples to love Plan B as much as they love Plan A.

5. Embrace The Rain!

Our last piece of advice to all of our Pure Luxe couples is to just embrace the rain! Have fun and remember what the day is about - LOVE! Relax, trust the experts and smile.

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