When to Stop Using Pinterest as a Bride

Planning a wedding in today’s modern world is so much different from what it used to be. Brides used to get inspired by vendor look books, photographs in bridal magazines, or ideas from real-life weddings. Today, there are hundreds of ways to get inspired as a bride, the largest being on the Internet. To get even more specific - Pinterest. Us wedding planners love to utilize Pinterest to collaborate with our brides, help inspire them and even get inspired ourselves! Moran-150

However, at what point should a bride stop using Pinterest and begin to trust their wedding planning instinct? After their floral arrangements have changed three times? After going over the rentals budget by more than $10,000? There are too many brides who continuously change their wedding design based on what they’ve seen most recently on Pinterest.


Believe it or not, there is a such thing as too much inspiration. Pinterest overwhelms us with an entire home page of pins we are interested in - and trust me, we’re interested! We can get lost for hours on Pinterest. We get overwhelmed with the amount of designs and details we fall in love with during that time, a lot of them similar, perhaps just shown in a different color or at a different time of year. So how do you think a bride feels when looking at their Pinterest home page? Excited? Overwhelmed? Or perhaps all of the above? There’s an enormous amount of new designs and decor items that inspire their wedding planning but at the expense of wanting to completely change their current design plan. Pure Luxe Tip: don’t let yourself get sidetracked! You already have your general design plan - don’t stray from it. Look out for accent details or decor items that will pull your look together without changing the entire thing. 

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Another note that most brides don't realize is that most of the over the top pictures found on Pinterest are those from styled photo shoots that would unlikely be done for a real-life wedding (like the one above that we did with A Lowcountry Wedding). No matter your budget, vendors or planner, your wedding may never measure up to the wedding you’ve planned on your Pinterest page because of shoots like these! The elaborate tent draping, $5,000 cake and most beautiful orchid arrangements from your outdoor, tropical wedded bliss board are indeed beautiful, but perhaps not realistic for your budget, location, and time of year. It’s so easy for a bride to set her heart on an idea without really understanding what goes into the look, let alone what it actually costs (we actually did a blog last week on what's realistic for a wedding in Charleston, SC check it out here . Pure Luxe Tip: think through your ideas. Heavily allocate your budget to the most important aspects of your wedding and don’t let Pinterest let you plan an over-the-top wedding! Remember that your Vera Wang gown and strand lighting beneath the Charleston starlit sky will make much more of a statement than orchids on every table. 


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Lastly, Pinterest calls for copycats! Everything on Pinterest has been done… why not design something for your special day that hasn’t been?! There are plenty of brides that saw that same pin as you and decided to include it in their wedding design. Or perhaps they showed the photo to their florist and rental company and asked them to design it like the picture. This is where brides go wrong for two reasons. One, you’re copying something someone’s already done. Two, vendors like to be creative in their design too. Chances are, even if you show them that floral arrangement you love, they’re going to put their own creative spin on it - one that makes it unique to you and to them. Pure Luxe Tip: Be unique. Be yourself. Be your own couple. Wouldn’t you rather have an event that’s truly you as a couple? Make your first night as husband and wife truly memorable, special and all about you!